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West Java faces the Indian Ocean with a southwesterly aspect, notably the province of Sunda, which takes in the following surfing areas, Pelabuhan Ratu Bay, Bayah & on to Panaitan, Dili & Tinjil Islands. The best waves of West Java are on offshore islands but there are exceptions. Swell is providing good waves, with good barrels, with a possibility for long rides. The waves in this part of West Java are underated. It still offers relatively uncrowded waves.↵The dry season is the main surfing season & is approximately from April through to October. The wind is mainly offshore on spots. The wet season is from November through to March, while the surf is less reliable, there are still waves to be had.↵Most of the rural areas to Pelabuhan Ratu, do not suffer from political problems but keep a low profile, avoid large gatherings of people, don't display large amounts of cash or valuable items, give vague replies saying such things as beautiful country, great surf, great weather and lovely people, make a point of writing down the Rupiah - $ amounts and times of hire, so that all parties, understand what you want. Keep in mind that people often do not speak English very well, nor you speak indonesian.↵↵↵↵Seasonal swell & wind variations:↵Typical swell direction is southerly, it is large & good waves are to be had all around the bay. Offshore winds can be almost guaranteed during this dry season. Swells with 5-6 ft waves are common, sometimes 12+ ! It's just a question of timing to score good waves. Before heading off check the surf producing lows and watch there cycle (www.fnoc.navy.mil).


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