The Mentawai Islands Surf Guide


If you decide to come to Mentawais you can do it from March to November;due to their position in the Indian Ocean the islands are exposed to the South-Southwest swells,so from March to April the waves are smaller but consistent as well….Then they will become stronger in May. The same happens to the ending of October and the beginning of November: smaller but consistent waves again. From April to October strong swells from South Africa and Antartica reach our coral reefs carrying amazing waves that roll into clean and perfect barrels…… Now you can plan your trip thinking of this: if your choice is NO crowded and easier surfing we suggest you to book in March, April,October and November,if you like to play rough you must book from May to September! Surfline suggests Mentawai in August is the Best Bet in the world. (source :↵Seasonal swell & wind variations:↵S-SW all the year


When To Go

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