Way Jambu Surf Guide


AKA: Sumatran Pipe

Often called “The Sumatran Pipeline” and for very good reason. Way Jambu is a heavy, beast of a left that has many moods depending on swell direction, size, and tide. Ideally, you want a huge, southwest swell and a high tide. Paddle out via the beach and drift into the lineup slowly. 

On its day, Way Jambu will deliver an equal amount of amazing barrels and amazing beatings. The reef here can be extremely shallow and many people have been injured here. Way Jambu is for experts only. Smaller swells and lower tides will amount to more encounters with the reef.


Drive 15 minutes south of Tanjung Setia. Between Biha and Maran village. 


  • Urchins
  • Dry reef

Wave Score

Direction Left
Wave Type Coral Reef
Wave Quality 9
Wave Power 9
Wave Length 7
Wave Consistency 7
Surfer level Pros, Crazy People
Crowd Level 3
Ideal Conditions
Swell Size 3 - 12ft +
Swell Direction SouthWest South
Wind Direction SouthEast East South
Ideal Tide Mid - high