Ujung Bocur Surf Guide


AKA: Karang Nyimbor

Ujung Bocur is a good, long, consistent left that breaks on most swells and can handle most swell sizes. It’s a long, rippable reef that offers rides in excess of 300m when it’s working. Ujung Bocur barrels with a more westerly swell and alternates between good, punchy turn sections and fast, speedy walls. The wave is great for intermediate and advanced surfers but you will often see beginner’s trying to challenge the wave as well, especially when it's smaller. The reef can be quite shallow, especially off the top, but is safer than many other Indonesian reef breaks. As a result, good days can be quite crowded but crowds have remained mostly mellow at this out of the way location. 

Ujung Bocur almost always has waves. The Southeast trade winds can ruffle afternoon sessions but it can be surfed from 1ft all the way up to 10ft. When it’s huge, there is a closeout end section in that can get hairy but those looking to escape the crowds will find the most success when Ujung Bocur is big.

This wave has a lot of different moods and can be quite different between days, tides, swells, etc. All in all, a very fun wave and a very good spot to stay when on a surf trip to Krui. Most travelers opt to stay in the growing number of accommodation options right on the point.


About 20 minutes east of the town or Krui on the Tandjung Setia headland. Air access is by way of Bandar Lampung airport (Airport code: TKG) or Krui Airport (Airport code: TFY). Read more about how to access Ujung Bocur in our Krui Surf Guide.


  • Urchins
  • Rips

Wave Score

Direction Left
Wave Type Pointbreak
Wave Quality 8
Wave Power 7
Wave Length 8
Wave Consistency 9
Surfer level Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Crowd Level 5
Ideal Conditions
Swell Size 2 - 10ft +
Swell Direction West SouthWest South
Wind Direction South SouthEast East NorthEast
Ideal Tide All