Krui Left Surf Guide



A short but beautiful, barreling left that’s comparable to Bingin on Bali. The wave is fast, hollow and punchy with a good barrel section on the take-off right into a big turn section and that’s it. 

Krui Left needs a huge swell to get good and prefers a more westerly swell direction. Because it’s quite fickle and is one of the only manageable options when the swell is large, it does get crowded and it can be quite hard to score good waves here. Often times, large swells will not show at Krui Left or the wave will only get good for an hour or two before going back to sleep.

Krui Left is a jewel in the Krui surf spot arsenal when it’s working. There is also a right farther down the beach that can occasionally be good as well.

Many beginner surfers have taken to surfing Krui Left on smaller days. While the wave is safe at small sizes for newer surfers, it is not suitable for beginners when it’s actually breaking.


Krui Left is in the middle of Krui town, right in the middle of the beach. When driving from Tanjung Setia, make a left right at the Alpha Mart and continue to the beach, you can't miss it. Paddle out via the boat channel. On lower tides there is some exposed reef.


  • Urchins
  • Reef

Wave Score

Direction Left
Wave Type Coral Reef
Wave Quality 9
Wave Power 7
Wave Length 7
Wave Consistency 5
Surfer level Intermediate, Advanced
Crowd Level 7
Ideal Conditions
Swell Size 10 - 16ft +
Swell Direction SouthWest West
Wind Direction East SouthEast
Ideal Tide Mid - high